Content Marketing: 55 Proven Ways to Help your Business [Infographic]

Posted on February 20, 2017   4:46 am by Kintan

Content marketing is an integral part of your digital marketing and you need to implement it to develop your online business.

If you are not sure of the benefits of content marketing for your business, here are some of the most important ones you definitely cannot ignore if you want to succeed with your digital business.

Let’s Talk Numbers

There is a reason why over 85% of all marketers worldwide are using content marketing to generate more sales. It has been established that on average, consumers engage with 11.4 pieces of content before making a purchase. Moreover, up to 80% of all users only focus on organic results and ignore all paid ads. Digital advertising has only 11% of the average business marketing budget today, while content marketing has 13%. It is expected for these numbers only to increase in the coming years.

What you may not know about content marketing is that it costs 62% less than outbound marketing!

What makes this number even more jaw dropping is that content marketing is responsible for generating three times as many leads as outbound marketing.

For this reason, 44.7% of marketers create up to 5 pieces of content every week.

Types of Content Marketing That Attracts Customers

Infographics, blogs, and videos are the most important types of content marketing that attract the most customers online. According to studies, users are 30 times more likely to go over an infographic than read an article and they are three times more likely to share an infographic. Infographics generate 45% more search volume than other types of content.

As of 2017, 71% of online marketers use this content in their social media strategies. The reason behind this is that content with images gets 94% more views than content that does not have any relevant images, no matter how good it is written.

I know that I am more likely to share images, memes and graphics with my friends than any other thing on the internet. It’s the instant connection that people want and that is possible with images these days over the written word.

Did you know that up to 2 million block costs are published every day and 30% of them are all lists? Having been rated as the fifth most trusted source for online information, blogs are used by 59% of companies as a marketing technique and 78% of these users are constantly posting articles that are relevant to their business.

45% of marketers believes that blogging is the most important content strategy they can employ for developing their business. The average blog post is about 1,050 words in length and blog articles with images get up to 94% more views.

Videos are a type of content that should not be ignored as videos make it 50 times easier to become ranked on the first page of Google. It is estimated that users who view videos are 1.81 times more likely to make a purchase that those who do not. Employing a video as your content may increase your organic traffic that comes from search engines up to 157 percent, and this is one of the reasons for which 96% of B2B organisations integrate videos into their marketing campaigns.

It is predicted that 74% of all traffic in 2017 will be video, and 62% of businesses have agreed that using videos as part of their content marketing strategy has increased the amount of organic traffic they received.

Tips for Promoting Your Content Marketing

It is not enough only to create excellent the marketed content as it is also very important to deliver it to your potential clients. There are multiple ways to promote your marketing content, and the most popular of them are via email and the social media.

Email is still the most preferred type of content promotion by marketers around the world. With 204 million messages sent every minute worldwide, it is no wonder that 93 percent of marketers consider that email is their most important channel for distributing their content. As of 2017, email is still 40 times more effective at getting new business than social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. 70% of consumers prefer to receive promotional content via email.

As with blogs and other types of content, by using the word video in an email subject you increase your chances of it being open by 19 percent. This method also reduces your subscribers by 26% and bounces your click through rates by 65%.

Email is not the only way to generate new business whilst promoting your content marketing. Because one third of the world now uses social media networks regularly, it is no wonder that 79% of all companies have used this promotion for their content marketing.

The top three best content types you can share throughout social media to boost your business are videos, with 23%, images with 22%, and various offers and promotions with 18%. As of 2017, the top four most popular social media platforms for content marketing are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

It is important to note that the best content marketing mix is made of 65% created content, 25% curated content, and 10% syndicated content. By using branded content, you will be twice as more memorable than simply using display ads. Finally, remember that visual content offers you the best possible engagement for both social media and email. Content that is unique and engaging should be your primary focus, as it goes without saying that quality is the thing most appreciated by consumers.


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