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Striving to be the best development company available, Satvik Infotech has locations in India, United Kingdom, and the United States. Satvik Infotech is highly regarded as a top technology company and specializes in core components such as CMS, eCommerce, and responsive web development. The company is dedicated to optimizing the overall efficiency of client websites, recognizing their true potential for growth and development within the industry. Clients of Satvik Infotech benefit from a customized development experience where the team strives to provide quality-oriented deliverables and further help clients to share their brand with the world.


Satvik Infotech is comprised of an extended team of experienced professionals that can provide some of the finest web solutions around the globe. Each member of Satvik Infotech brings their own unique expertise to the team and works together with their clients intimately to determine project specifications and client goals. When clients request sites that are fully customized to their needs and vision for their company, Satvik Infotech’s graphic design team provides the assurance that the end result will be truly tailored to the client and their brand, helping to further define brand loyalty and organic interest.



Satvik Infotech offers numerous services including web design, responsive web development, mobile app development, graphic design, and Internet marketing such as SEO, SEM, PCC, and SMO. Clients using Satvik Infotech are also able to hire developers experienced with PHP, WordPress, Drupal, and Front-End components to work more directly on projects. Clients that are seeking on-going maintenance of their site or are interested in ensuring that their brand representation is always on top of the competition utilize Satvik Infotech’s developers in a variety of schedules and schemes.
As Satvik Infotech further defines its niche as the best development company, it prides itself on its work within the realm of mobile app development, recognizing that an increasing amount of brands rely upon mobile apps to further convey their message, merchandise and services to the rest of the world.

+1 844 366 4008

Oss Media is a web development agency based in Rochester, New York. The company aims to make it easier for clients to successfully integrate open source components and solutions into their current business models using professional expertise. Offering cost-effective and enhanced open source options, Oss Media has established itself as an upcoming leader in the industry with its dedication to the web development process. Clients utilizing Oss Media benefit in a number of significant ways such as responsive web design, increased leads, and improvement in brand loyalty.


Clients can also choose to outsource their business requirements to Oss Media, which can be particularly beneficial. In doing so, clients have access to hundreds of open source professionals with over 5 years of experience, an IT infrastructure with reliable facilities that can be utilized in less than 24 hours, complete control over teams, comprehensive reporting, intellectual property protection and much more. Although outsourcing requirements to Oss Media, clients maintain complete control in many aspects, including schedules and deliverables. Oss Media also enables the client to see the development of the project in real-time.



As a web development agency, Oss Media’s services focus primarily on development through a variety of technologies. These technologies include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento. The technology used depends greatly upon client request and also the intended goals for the site, such as greater usability options through WordPress and more attractive aesthetics with Drupal.


Understanding the intricacies and the complex requirements that are necessary to develop a premium quality site and user experience, Oss Media works together closely with clients throughout the web development process to determine the best technologies and services to meet their needs. The company features a dynamic team of expert developers with experience working on all of the latest development platforms in addition to being highly knowledgeable about required tools and current industry standards. In addition, Oss Media provides 24-hour technical support to ensure that clients can receive assistance when it is most needed.


+1 585 416 0088

10 Up is a website design and development agency based in the United States with locations in Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, D.C., Boston and New York. The company also has team members located through Canada, Europe and India. Featuring over 120 experts with digital strategy, management, software engineering, user experience, interactive design, revenue optimization and web developer skills, 10 Up comes vastly prepared for any challenging project that clients may request. When a client requests work on a project, 10 Up offers teams comprised of 6 to 9 cross-disciplined specialists to work with product managers to ensure that standards and results are met with the utmost speed and quality.


10 Up focuses on improving user experience and client sites through consultative creative and engineering services. The company is known for its customer-centric business model which aims to ensure that every need is met and every question is answered, enabling clients to take control of content creation and management with ease. 10 Up recognizes the potential for growth and advancement in every client and endeavors to provide web solutions that will further encourage these elements. Clients using 10 Up see improvement in responsive web design, organic leads, and increased efficiency.



Since 10 Up is a full service website design and development agency, its team endeavors to provide clients with any design and solution necessary, regardless of how challenging the project may be. Utilizing some of the top web developer skills available, 10 Up’s team communicates frequently with each client to determine the best way that its digital strategy, management, and revenue optimization services can be best used to meet individual needs. Expertise in areas such as software engineering and interactive design ensure that there aren’t any projects that are too small or too expansive for 10 Up’s team to handle.


Range is a certified web developer agency specializing in WordPress website design and development services. The company endeavors to provide clients with innovative strategic designs while also dedicating itself to forming long-lasting digital partnerships. Since its formation, Range has become a reliable resource for clients in need of WordPress VIP development, plugin development, migrations, code reviews, and numerous other components. In example, Range has worked together with clients such as YouTube, Ooyala, and Flickr to help them achieve the highest form of representation through WordPress VIP.


Clients that choose to use Range benefit most noticeably through improvements and changes to branding. Range works with brands to help them redefine their tone and approach, aid in rebranding, or even help companies determine the right approach for their brand from the beginning of the process. Range prides itself in its strong background in branding and its dedication to aspects such as readability and typography.



Through its website design and development services, Range is able to offer extensive mobile, responsive design, and user experience improvements that can be experienced throughout client sites in areas such as themes, plugins, and other implementations. Clients have the assurance that they will truly be able to reach success when working with each certified web developer on Range’s team. This is only further demonstrated by the company’s use of A/B testing, user testing, analytics analysis and numerous other forms of diagnostic testing. Through these methods, Range’s team is able to determine what clients need to change or continue to maintain on their sites in order to achieve the most positive user experience possible.



Spyr Media is a website development company based in Chicago. While it used to focus primary on web development ide, over the past decade Spyr Media has dedicated itself to building brands and business ventures such as SPYR, Paleo Porn, and BYLT. The company has also built hundreds upon hundreds of Genesis themes, though only two of them are currently available for purchase. Providing a pivotal and innovative approach to branding and development for its clients, Spyr Media is easily one of the more highly demanded companies within the industry. However, its interest in clients is fairly selective since it has built up a fairly dedicated based of clientele throughout its work within the past decade.



Spyr Media currently offers coaching and mentorship to brands, although it does not actively accept new clients anymore. For consideration, potential clients must arrange an initial coaching call with Spyr Media or send in specific details about desired projects. Not overlooking its role as a website development company, Spyr Media still provides web development ide services to clients, but has become increasingly selective regarding the projects it will work on. For consideration on web development projects, clients must provide as many details as possible regarding the branding, assets, and vision of their company, in addition to other requested information.
Outside of its coaching, mentorship and web development services, Spyr Media also provides photography services. Spyr Media has previously shot portraits and weddings, although it primarily focuses on its other business ventures. Clients interested in hiring Spyr Media to capture event photography are encouraged to make a request for the service, although acceptance depends greatly upon the team’s availability outside of other projects.


Human Made is a web development company based in Derbyshire, United Kingdom, with additional offices in the United States and Australia respectively. It is regarded as one of the leading WordPress technical agencies within the world and specializes in WordPress development and consultancy for Enterprise and Big Media. Human Made is an active leader in the WordPress community and has been a VIP partner since 2012. As such, it has been responsible for organizing, speaking, sponsoring and attending numerous WordPress Meetups and WordCamps. Human Made features a team of seasoned experts located around the world, including interns and a full-time staff of 20 professionals.


Further defining its role within the top website development agencies, Human Made offers custom development with a strong focus on security and performance to meet the scale. Having worked with many of the major brands and companies around the world, Human Made has developed undeniable expertise and an impressive portfolio of successful projects for its clientele since its initial formation in 2010. While most recognize Human Made for its significant contributions to WordPress plugins, which now stand at over 3,299,000 downloads to date, many of the biggest brands turn to Human Made to handle their most challenging, high-profile projects.


As a full service web development company, Human Made offers a variety of services including strategy and consultancy, code reviews, accessibility reviews, and content migration. Human Made even offers full code and hosting management featuring core and plugin updates, developer training, enterprise grade AWS hosting, vagrant development environments, managed deployment processes, ongoing code reviews and management, which factors in more detailed and dedicated services than some of the most popular website development agencies currently available.

+1559 547 8668

Crowd Favorite is a web development company with locations in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Denver, Rome and Bucharest. As one of the leading international website development agencies, Crowd Favorite exemplifies a strategic, user-focused design approach and showcases extensive technical expertise. It specializes in WordPress development and continues to contribute actively to WordPress through themes, plugins, and more. Crowd Favorite offers an impressive range of services including design, content, maintenance, development and beyond.

Crowd Favorite’s team of seasoned experts aim to provide effective solutions to some of the most challenging digital projects available. Clients using Crowd Favorite’s services benefit from responsive site design, improved user navigation and layouts, effective UX and UI design, brand identity and loyalty development, improved conversions and more. Crowd Favorite works together closely with brands and clients to identify goals and determine what services need to be provided to achieve ultimate success.

As a top web development company, Crowd Favorite offers many options that even full service website development agencies often skip. These options include:

Design - Web design, UX design, UI design, interaction design, user research, and corporate identity.

Development - Web applications, web development, WordPress development, systems integration, JavaScript development.

Maintenance - Web maintenance, technical support, code audits, code refactoring, hosting liason, performance optimization

Content - Copywriting, content creation, information architecture, content strategy, and content marketing.


Comprised of a number of web developers for hire, W3 Edge is based in Boston, Massachusetts and specializes in optimization. Dedicated to providing online businesses with the competitive advantage necessary for success, W3 Edge provides an experienced team that can handle any project. Understanding that some of the best results come from web development ideas, W3 Edge encourages its clientele to share and explore their vision for launching and maintaining a powerful online presence.


Featuring expertise in web site optimization and search engine optimization, W3 Edge knows exactly what clients need in order to achieve recognition. Clients utilizing this company’s services benefit from fully optimized sites that showcase better efficiency, higher conversions and new leads on a consistent basis. W3 Edge is also particularly well known for its key product, W3 Total Cache, which is used to improve user experience by reducing download times, improving server performance, and caching the entire site more effectively. W3 Total Cache ties this package together with seamless CDN integration.



W3 Edge’s web developers for hire offer a variety of services to improve client sites. Relying upon innovative web development ideas, W3 Edge takes a unique approach to the traditional development experience. This is further demonstrated through services such as:


3D Drawings - Illustrates and hand drawn artwork that have been customized to client specifications help custom websites to fully come to life.


Identity & Branding - Determining the key aspects that reflect a company’s essence is key when designing a logo and determining branding. W3 Edge works closely with clients to develop a brand to its fullest and help it to gain further recognition in the marketplace.


Internet Marketing - Having a great design isn’t enough to drive visitors and conversion rates. To achieve the best results, W3 Edge utilizes Internet marketing expertise to ensure that client sites are truly efficient and effective.


WholeGrain Digital is a WordPress development company based in London, United Kingdom. Featuring talent from around the world, WholeGrain Digital utilizes the best of its web developer skills to enable clients to make the most out of their WordPress sites. Experienced in all aspects of WordPress, this company handles themes, plugins, security, development, and numerous other aspects on client request. Clients using WholeGrain Digital experience higher conversion rates, increased traffic, new leads, and improvement in brand loyalty.


Recognizing the importance of imagery and web photography, WholeGrain Digital has its own in-house team responsible for creating the images used to achieve perfect assets for every site developed. This further enables the company to tailor designs to the themes and needs of the client in every way possible. WholeGrain Digital is also capable of providing full maintenance of WordPress sites and features monthly or quarterly support options.



WholeGrain Digital’s web developer skills include graphic design, migration, SEO, conversion, optimization with SEO and CRO, and much more. Responsive site design and an extensive array of design options combined with fully curated content ensures that clients can achieve maximum success with their online presence. Even if a client is struggling with ranking in search engines, WholeGrain Digital can provide the tools and expertise necessary to facilitate a more effective design and approach.


Whether a client needs a site built from the foundation or the revamp of a current design, WholeGrain Digital has the experts necessary to ensure the best results. As a leading WordPress development company, WholeGrain Digital also offers many additional services completely on demand per client request, showcasing a team that is truly knowledgeable in all aspects of design and development.

0207 112 8240

OutSourcing Service for Wordpress

WordPress is great, you could even say it's beautiful, but you need to get it done right to really appreciate this powerful platform. Just about anyone can put up a website using this CMS and it will probably look decent. Codeable does not do decent – they are here to make sure your website is the most competitive it can be.

Part of their expertise is in creating, optimizing, and maintaining WooCommerce shops on the WordPress platform. Codeable is an official partner of WooCommerce so, if this is what you are looking for, then you know your important project will be taken care of by experts here.

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What can the platform that represents 26.4% of the top 10 million most popular websites do for you?

What Is WordPress?

Unless you have been living under a rock you will have surely heard about the powerful blogging platform WordPress. We say “blogging” but the sophisticated software that was first released in 2003 is much more than a tool to write simple online entries. It quickly became a full blown content management system (CMS) and is now one of the most popular of its kind on the web today. If you are looking to develop a website for your business or virtually any other conceivable purpose, WordPress is definitely a framework worth considering.

As an advanced (yet user-friendly) CMS, it takes away the need for understanding how to code web pages, giving you core functionality out of the box. You can create pages and posts from within simple text editors in the admin area, and the look and feel of the site is governed by themes that you can install at the click of a mouse and easily manipulate. There’s an endless supply of free themes and premium themes provided by the enthusiastic community, but of course if you want to promote your own unique brand you may want to hire a designer to work with your developers to create something from scratch, so you can stand out in the crowd.

The features of your WordPress based website will mostly come from plugins, which again are in almost endless supply, many free and some paid for. These are also installed at the click of a mouse and can be easily implemented in to your posts and pages. Want to run a survey? No problem, install a survey plugin and use the widget or embed code to place it on to a page. Want your pages to be automatically optimized for search engines? Then grab an SEO plugin and go through the simple settings step by step. Want something exclusive to your site, then hire some WordPress developers to create the plugin for you. The possibilities are endless.

Who Uses WordPress?

The growing popularity of WordPress is a testament to its simplicity and versatility. From your neighbour’s personal blog to The Wall Street Journal, it’s proven time and time again that it can suit almost anybody’s needs. The NFL website is powered by WordPress, so is PlayStation, UPS, General Motors, Time magazine online, Mercedes Benz, and Coca Cola.

And it’s not just brands and content rich sites that utilize WordPress. It’s functionality can also be expanded to create powerful eCommerce businesses. There are multiple plugins that can accomplish this to varying degrees, but the post popular and feature rich is WooCommerce, which currently powers around 30% of all online stores! This includes Blue Star Coffee, The Spectator Magazine Shop, Wakami clothing brand, Porter and York meat brand, the Jack Rudy Cocktail company, and many others. Granted, you aren’t going to find Amazon powered by WordPress, but there’s no reason why the next Amazon can’t be.

You can easily add and manage products, their photos and descriptions, use a standard basket and checkout system, take subscriptions, bookings and offer digital downloads, connect with all the leading payment platforms, provide support, and do it all in a mobile friendly environment.

Do I Need An Expert To Develop My WordPress Site?

Although WordPress is beginner friendly, if you have a big project or business idea in mind it is a good idea to hire a professional to develop your site to the highest standard. These experts can be found as individuals on Freelancer sites, or you may wish to approach a speciality WordPress development company or agency, with a history of developing such sites. Larger firms, like software development companies might also have a WordPress division (especially when it comes to advanced plugins).

What Types of WordPress Development Services Are There?

While a WordPress development company may be able to handle every aspect of your project, from installation to designing a theme, some may only provide specific services or break each one down in to separate products. Broadly speaking there are three core wordpress website development services available: Plugin Development, Theme Development, and General Maintenance and Support.

Plugin Development:

The core WordPress files are the framework from which wordpress development companies build on. Any extra features and functionality on top of what’s available on a clean install is accomplished through the development of plugins or modifying existing files. Depending on the purpose of your website and the features it requires, you may be able to get by just fine with the thousands of free and premium plugins available. These are installed with the click of a mouse from the admin area. However if you need something special accomplished, you may consider hiring a wordpress plugin development company or Freelancer to make you a plugin from scratch. Depending on the complexity of the plugin this may be created with PHP, JavaScript, CSS and other coding languages supported by the CMS.

For example a plugin could simply be written to display business testimonials at random whenever a page is loaded. An advanced plugin might implement a full blown customer support system with tickets and a knowledge base. Your WordPress development company will let you know their limitations and the limitations of WordPress itself when it comes to adding functionality.

Theme Development:

Your WordPress theme is chosen within the admin area and dictates the general look and feel of your website, such as the color scheme, page and post layout, sidebar, header logo, footer, font and text style, and some of the functionality.

A clean install will provide you with a few basic themes to choose from and there are also thousands of free and premium themes online to suit various types of website. For example there are many different themes to cater to news based websites, portfolios and galleries, business information sites and so on. However if you are building a new business or promoting your existing brand, you will probably desire something truly unique that represents your image and isn’t comparable to anybody else online. This is where you would buy a theme development package from an agency or hire WordPress themes developers on a freelance basis. They will have experience in both web design and the WordPress platform itself and will create a brand new theme based on your requirements. This will be done with a combination of PHP, CSS and HTML coding.

Most modern WordPress themes come with multiple options, so if you want to change the color or layout (but still keep most of the theme in tact) you can do this from the admin panel.

General Maintenance:

Whether it’s installing WordPress on your server or hosting plan, carrying out updates, installing plugins, making changes to the theme, fixing errors, or changing settings and options from the admin panel, beginners may need to hire an expert to maintain their WordPress based website. They will be proficient in all areas of using WordPress and its plugins, but won’t necessarily be able to develop themes or plugins from scratch. Depending on your hosting plan such a service may be provided to you for free or for a small fee. However you can also turn to a WordPress development company to handle all your WordPress needs as well.

Where Can I Hire WordPress Development Companies?

Regardless of your budget there are many options out there for hiring WordPress developers. Who you hire will depend on the type of development you require (see above), how large your project is, and whether you will require ongoing maintenance.

Legitimate developers in this field will be able to handle PHP, CSS, JavaScript, and MySQL, and will know their way around a web server or typical web hosting environment. They will also know the ins and outs of every setting and option in the WordPress admin area, and be able to solve common technical errors and site glitches. Some will be capable of creating custom themes and plugins for you from scratch, that work smoothly and can be easily managed by other developers or you and your staff. Here are the common categories of WordPress developers for hire:


A Freelancer is usually an individual (but can also be a collective) who you can find through third party freelancer websites like Upwork, Toptal or, or on a wordpress developers forum. You will need to register as a client/buyer on these sites and will be able to browse their database of freelancers based on their skills. You will obviously want to narrow it down so you can find a freelance wordpress developer. They will have a public portfolio of past work, qualifications and skills and reviews and ratings from other clients. Once you have found a reputable option you can reach out to them and negotiate a rate or fixed price. You can also list your project and freelancers can contact you. Freelancer forums are much the same, but you might need to start or reply to a thread to get things started. Hiring a freelancer is often the most affordable option for WordPress development.

Outsourcing Agencies:

Unlike freelancer sites WordPress outsourcing agencies like and WP Hired specialize specifically in WordPress development services. They aim to handpick the best of the best freelancers, testing their skills before adding them to the talent pool. The process typically involves registering an account, posting your requirements and then reviewing WordPress experts until you’ve found one ideal to hire. Like freelance sites, these individuals will have various statistics to back up their skills (such as the number of projects they have completed, years of experience, and user star ratings). The best thing about using an outsourcing agency is that they are specifically tailored to WordPress and every expert available will meet a high basic standard of skill.

Small WordPress Agencies:

Another option is to approach a small WordPress website development company. This might be as part of their broader web development services (they may also have magento services and others for example), but some focus on WordPress exclusively. They will usually have a list of services available, portfolio of clients and past work, testimonials, and either a price guide or the ability to generate a quote. They will typically be made up of a permanent team of experts that specialize in various areas of WordPress development and can take on a larger workload than a single freelancer.

Large Agencies:

If you have a particularly big project and budget you may seek out a large and well regarded agency. These will have portfolios of clients that represent well known brands and have a vast team of qualified experts to handle many different clients at one time. WordPress development will usually be just one aspect of what they offer (for example they might also have Joomla developers) and they may also be able to provide professional branding and marketing solutions as well.

Do It Yourself:

Of course if you don’t have money to spend on a WordPress development company or your project is more of a hobby, there’s no reason why you can’t setup and manage your WordPress site yourself. The official WordPress website is full of tutorials and information on every aspect of the platform, and a quick Google for “how to do X in WordPress” will return articles and videos guiding you through the process. Furthermore the vast majority of plugins have instructions and support information, so if you spend some time learning you can easily get the hang of what to do. If you wish to develop plugins and themes from scratch you will however have to take the time to learn PHP, CSS, HTML and other coding languages. This is not advised for beginners who are planning to take their brand online or launch a business.

How Do I Find The Best WordPress Development Companies?

There is no hard and fast rule for finding the so called best WordPress developers, but employing some common sense will help you avoid scammers and those who are under-qualified. Your first port of call is right here at and our comprehensive database of web developer reviews. Simply look for those rated the highest and you’re guaranteed to get a good service.

Of course doing some of your own research is important and Googling for example “wordpress development company India” is a good way to start your search. At the least a freelancer or company should clearly state their abilities and offer examples of past work, so you can see that they know what they’re doing. A company that has other options (such as Magento development services) suggests they have a well trained team.

One of the benefits of freelancer sites is you can see ratings from other clients and sometimes verified qualifications and test results.

How Much Do WordPress Design and Development Services Cost?

The cost of hiring a WordPress developer can vary greatly depending on the size and scope of your project, whether you’re hiring a single freelancer or using a small or large agency, whether you need ongoing maintenance, and if you require plugins and themes developed from scratch (i.e. custom wordpress development).

On freelancer sites like Upwork you can find a highly rated WordPress expert with hourly rates between $30 and $80. Smaller agencies may be able to create a basic and professional looking WordPress site for a few thousands dollars (without ongoing maintenance), whereas large agencies carrying out advanced projects can reach the hundreds of thousands.

Then you must consider any premium themes (up to $100) and plugins. Other costs to consider include the server space or web hosting plan which will house your website, the yearly fee for the domain name (not usually more than $15), and the payment of staff to work on the site.

Compared to having your site completely engineered from scratch, using WordPress as the CMS will definitely save you a lot of money on development as the platform itself is open source and free. All you need is a compatible server (that allows PHP and MySQL databases).

Here is a breakdown of the rough average costs you might expect to pay:

Premium WordPress Theme: $60 to $100

WordPress Theme Development Services: $500 to $6,000

Premium Plugins: Up to $40 per plugin

Basic Custom Plugin: $500 to $3,000

Advanced Web App: $15,000 Plus

The Full Works: $6,000 to $100,000 Plus

Remember that if your website is to succeed you shouldn’t be apprehensive about choosing the best solution (budget dependent). If you genuinely need a full custom service, with a theme and plugins created exclusively for you, then don’t try to cut corners. Likewise if you aims can be met with free or premium options then don’t overspend for the sake of it.

Is Search Engine Optimization Available From WordPress Development Companies?

Even newbies to websites will have heard of search engine optimization (SEO), the process of ensuring web pages can be indexed and ranked by search engines like Google, especially for keywords related to the business or subject of the site.

WordPress itself is fairly well optimized out of the box and you will almost certainly be picked up by search engines soon after your site goes live. There are also free and paid SEO plugins that can be installed to ensure each page and post is as fine tuned as possible.

A WordPress development firm will not necessarily have experts in SEO and it’s rare that they would offer specific SEO services as part of a package. However they will certainly be able to install and manage existing SEO plugins and leverage WordPress’ default options to make your site more search engine friendly.

Fortunately Google is well versed in the way WordPress functions and will not have a problem finding, crawling and indexing your website.

How Do I Become A WordPress Developer?

Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics so you can setup your own site or a whiz who already runs WordPress sites and wants to make some money doing it for others, becoming a WordPress expert can be fun and rewarding.

You do not necessarily have to have any qualifications to enter the field, but learning coding languages like PHP and JavaScript through a traditional route will help you build a solid foundation and reassure clients of your abilities.

If you are a beginner you can attend a local WordPress development course or take one online. They won’t necessarily be accredited by any formal institution, but having the skills and being able to demonstrate them is half the battle. You can also learn wordpress development by following a WordPress development tutorial online. Tutorials exist for virtually any aspect of WordPress. A simple Google for “x WordPress tutorial” will return thousands of helpful results. You can also take the old fashioned route and order a good old WordPress development book from Amazon or web developer site.

WordPress Developer Job Description:

While you can always specialize in a certain area (such as a wordpress design service) a WordPress developer is generally expected to be able to install and manage the core WordPress installation in any compatible environment, and understand and work with PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and MySQL. For the true developer title (i.e. not just an expert who can maintain and fix a WordPress site), you must also be able to create and test your own themes and plugins to client specifications in a wordpress development environment.

WordPress Developer Salary:

According to national salary data, a web developer with wordpress as a skill can make close to $50,000 a year. Many WordPress developers however will work as freelancers and won’t have a set salary. You can charge up to $80 an hour on freelancer sites like Upwork if you’re in the top percentile of freelancers. The amount you can earn will vary depending how broad your skills are. For example a theme designer will earn more if they can also develop plugins. You may also want to branch out in to other platforms, such as offering Drupal development services as well.

WordPress developer jobs are also available at wordpress development companies where you may be offered a fixed wage.