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Comprised of a number of web developers for hire, W3 Edge is based in Boston, Massachusetts and specializes in optimization. Dedicated to providing online businesses with the competitive advantage necessary for success, W3 Edge provides an experienced team that can handle any project. Understanding that some of the best results come from web development ideas, W3 Edge encourages its clientele to share and explore their vision for launching and maintaining a powerful online presence.   Featuring expertise in web site optimization and search engine optimization, W3 Edge knows exactly what clients need in order to achieve recognition. Clients utilizing this company’s services benefit from fully optimized sites that showcase better efficiency, higher conversions and new leads on a consistent basis. W3 Edge is also particularly well known for its key product, W3 Total Cache, which is used to improve user experience by reducing download times, improving server performance, and caching the entire site more effectively. W3 Total Cache ties this package together with seamless CDN integration.   Services W3 Edge’s web developers for hire offer a variety of services to improve client sites. Relying upon innovative web development ideas, W3 Edge takes a unique approach to the traditional development experience. This is further demonstrated through services such as:   3D Drawings - Illustrates and hand drawn artwork that have been customized to client specifications help custom websites to fully come to life.   Identity & Branding - Determining the key aspects that reflect a company’s essence is key when designing a logo and determining branding. W3 Edge works closely with clients to develop a brand to its fullest and help it to gain further recognition in the marketplace.   Internet Marketing - Having a great design isn’t enough to drive visitors and conversion rates. To achieve the best results, W3 Edge utilizes Internet marketing expertise to ensure that client sites are truly efficient and effective.
Key Clients
W3 Edge has worked with notable names and companies such as The Krazy Coupon Lady, The Dirty, Coppell Financial and more. Working closely with Coppell Financial, W3 Edge developed a clean, simple logo to represent the company. Projects for brands such as The Dirty and The Krazy Coupon Lady focused upon web development and creating an efficient design. Brands like Shecky’s have benefited from using W3 Edge for further improvement of brand identity and loyalty.