Ultimate Comparison of 3 Most Popular Content Management System [Infographic]

Blogs, personal websites and online sectors for businesses have become all the rage in today’s day and age and you will be hard pressed to find anyone that hasn’t dabbled on the web.  Content management systems make life easier for millions of bloggers, website designers and small business owners working in different industries and targeting

10 Must Do Steps to Improve Your Mobile Commerce Strategy [Infographic]

Is there anything worse than being on your way to work, all set and ready to meet the day’s challenges head-on, and suddenly realizing you forgot your mobile phone at home? I don’t know about you, but I, like every typical millennial, honestly can’t imagine surviving through the day without my phone. Every time I

Why Faster Page Load Time is Better For Your Website [Infographic]

We all have a need, a need for speed. In our day-to-day  the one thing that is constantly being improved in almost all aspects of life is speed. Whether it is food delivery, online purchases or speed dating . We live in a society where everything is about the here and now and when someone

You’re Going to Lose 1/3 of Your Sales If Your Website Isn’t Mobile-friendly During the Thanksgiving Weekend [Infographic]

Black friday a sacred and special day to a self-confessed shopaholic. A day of sales that were a thing that only existed in dreams for the past 364 days have finally  come to life. The perfect pair of coveted black leather boots not to dainty but not too chunky with a perfect I inch heel

28 Facts You Probably Don’t Know About WordPress [Infographic]

Building a website from scratch might sound like a fun and creative task, but take it from me: if you’re not some kind of a mad genius who takes pleasure in performing repetitive tasks over and over again, don’t do it! I was recently asked by a friend to help them with creating a website

115 Must Know Facts about Social Media [Infographic]

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Only about a decade ago, for most people the answer was: get out of bed, get dressed, have a cup of coffee, and maybe turn on the radio or TV to see what’s new in the world. Well, those days are long gone. For more