Weez Labs Inc

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Weez Labs has been described as one of the best companies for app development in the market and has a base in Santa Monica. The company used a three-step approach, the first stage being getting to know the clients and establishing research, identity and goal setting. Following this, wireframes, UI/UX, quality assurance, and wireframes are made and set ready for launch. The post launch stage involves ongoing development and servicing along with marketing services to help with brand awareness and increased traffic. The company works with start-ups all the way through to multi-million dollar enterprises with stunning results delivered every time. The ubiquity of mobile devices empowers users with information and provides a new platform for businesses to engage customers. Weez Labs is made up of a team of some of the most talented designers, coders, thinkers, and developers who work together flawlessly on every project, using the very best app development software.
Key Clients
The company simplicity is an enterprise solution for what drobox can achieve for smaller businesses and users. Providing seamless access to documents and shared folders with unmatched security features, created due to unique back end architecture. Weez Labs enhanced current collaboration methods and data storage while ensuring existing files were not hindered. Companies now have access to a habitual, centralised approach to manage thousands of accounts.


01. Mobile development 
02. Website design 
03. Database Architecture 
04. Branding Identity