Unleashed Technology

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Unleashed Technology is a Wordpress development company based in Maryland. The company specializes in providing a unique combination of web development and hosting services to help businesses achieve the desired results within a reasonable span of time. Unleashed Technology features a moderately-sized team of web developers for hire which have extensive expertise and knowledge in a variety of aspects of the web development process. The company works closely with each client to gather an in depth understanding of their business, its services, its brand, and what it seeks to represent and communicate to the rest of the world. Understanding these facets provides the team with further insight into what is necessary to create the solution that each client needs for success. Working with Unleashed Technology enables clients to have access to a number of experienced web development and marketing professionals for the collective rate required for service, making this a cost effective choice. Clients using Unleashed Technology have access to a web developer, project manager, web designer, business analyst, hosting engineer, front-end developer, and solutions architect. Since each of these professionals embodies core aspects of Unleashed Technology’s team, clients ultimately save thousands of dollars on professional advice and results that they would not be able to receive elsewhere for the same single rate.
Key Clients
Unleashed Technology has worked with clients in a variety of industries and fields including nonprofits, military nonprofits, professional services, publications, and retail. Working with the United States Naval Institute, Unleashed Technology created an easy to use enterprise website with Drupal, increased response times, functionality upgrades, increased conversion for membership with each new visitor, and also helped the nonprofit to gain a more commanding social media presence. Unleashed Technology also worked with AAAS to develop a Drupal website. On this project, Unleashed Technology created a site that would be able to share with other sites within the AAAS infrastructure, provide ease of use, offer scalable search, increase web engagement statistics, and more. The AAAS website would later win an award for Best Association Website.