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The Ocean Agency is one of the best SEO Company in Chicago. The company prides itself to having over ten years experience in SEO, web design, social media marketing, and CRO. The company has consistently built its employee numbers from 5 to over fifty people. Their employees are trained and have good credentials in their various fields; they also work hard to ensure that their clients are satisfied. Their clients are also assured of the best services any SEO company has to offer. The company has classified its work to three main branches; audit, optimize and earn. Their clients are assured of receiving hand on training on how to continually optimize the ripple effect from SEO. They ensure their clients websites are on top search pages by target marketing their websites. They also ensure that they fight spam as they email market their clients. With analyzing, The Ocean Agency ensures that they understand the different schematics to all their clients’ needs. They ensure that they individualize all their clients’ experiences. Services The Ocean agency understands that SEO is only a small part of online success; the reasoning makes them one of the best SEO Company in Chicago. Besides offering SEO tutorial, the company’s other services include:
  • Web design- the company realized that websites are so much more than their build, their research founded that clients respond differently to how content is placed, how the colors are coordinated and so on.
  • SEO- they ensure that local SEO is search engine friendly, report all reviews and grow the traffic on their websites. On-site optimization will be done by strategically recommending how to infuse SEO strategies on their clients’ websites.
  • Content Strategy- by providing well written quality content, they guarantee the clients’ websites growing their traffic flow. They also monitor the growth patterns and offer SEO tutorial content.
Key Clients
Since their clients are assured of the best SEO services, the company has had a steady flow of new business. The company is favored to host companies such as Jim Pelosi law, Blueprint HCRE, Utilities International and many more. Utilities International approached the Ocean Agency for a broader reach with their online platforms. Ocean agency not only designed an impressive website for Utilities International, but also offered them tailor made web strategies and conducted digital marketing campaigns. The growth the company made was incredible. In fact, they were able to get a return on investment for their proceeds in a short time.