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Synapse India is an offshore IT outsourcing and web page development company that is based in Portland, London and India. The certified web developer offers its large range of clients state of the art software, mobile applications, ecommerce stores, and website development services in multiple verticals. By using the latest technologies, the company can ensure that robust and seamless solutions are created using some of the world’s finest platforms to build the solutions. By using end to end customization, the company aim to achieve 100% customer satisfaction every time. A dedicated account manager is appointed to every project as a single point of contact for effortless communication. The strong monitoring approach ensure high quality and delivery of the projects in a timely manner. Additionally, the company are dedicated to creating the very highest quality service at the very best price that is available in the market. The professional team have delivered over 9.5k projects, which has 100% client satisfaction. Services The certified web developers that make up Synapse India have an extensive set of services to offer its clients, catering for their every IT solution need. Web page development solutions- Synapse India specializes in developing customised automation software and applications by using state of the art technologies including Java, ASP.NET, PHP, Ruby, SharePoint and more. Website development services- The company cater for all creative bed and mobile development needs, from code to design, Synapse offer a full service project. Mobile application development- The company have years of experience in mobile application development, and over their time have delivered over 500 scalable, interactive and robust mobile apps. Ecommerce website development- With over 4000 projects under their belt, clients are in the right hands and Synapse India explore the client’s business vision and offer fail safe strategies. Portfolio With such a large portfolio under their belt, the company have worked with a huge range of companies, from start up to enterprise, in almost every industry. One of the company’s projects is Triprox, a PHP based Hotel Booking Website. The website enables users to compare and book hotel rooms, with logins available from both Facebook and google. The project was highly successful.