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Rocket 55 is a SEO agency based in Minneapolis. The company is founded on the basic principle of positively impacting their client's’ bottom line. They offer customized services in digital marketing, online marketing and SEO. The company’s main selling point is their ability to blend in with their clients companies. That way, they work more like an extension of the company. That special feature ensures that the company is in tune with all the business proceedings and keeps updating their features as the client's company grows. It also ensures that both Rocket 55 and their clients are able to grow together.    Rocket 55 has greatly invested in their staff members. They ensure that anyone who comes on board is qualified and is able to meet all the demands the job entails. They also ensure that their staff members are passionate and dedicated to seeing to the growth of small businesses. Some of their SEO services list includes; web development, content creation, Social Media where Rocket 55 assures their clients of full satisfaction. They have greatly built their name in the SEO service by consistently delivering on their promises.
Key Clients
The Banking industry in the United States has never really recovered after the economic crash. For a bank to come up and create their content and have enough clientele, they need to be involved with rigorous marketing. Rocket 55 is able to grow the traffic on banking platforms by using three steps. First, they ensure that their websites are professionally designed to increase viewership. Secondly, they market their pages to the right audience who are all treated like potential clients. Finally, they monitor the growth, make strategies and continually grow their customer base.


01. SEO 
02. Social Media 
03. Email Marketing 
04. E-Commerce 
05. Marketing Automation