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Range is a certified web developer agency specializing in WordPress website design and development services. The company endeavors to provide clients with innovative strategic designs while also dedicating itself to forming long-lasting digital partnerships. Since its formation, Range has become a reliable resource for clients in need of WordPress VIP development, plugin development, migrations, code reviews, and numerous other components. In example, Range has worked together with clients such as YouTube, Ooyala, and Flickr to help them achieve the highest form of representation through WordPress VIP.   Clients that choose to use Range benefit most noticeably through improvements and changes to branding. Range works with brands to help them redefine their tone and approach, aid in rebranding, or even help companies determine the right approach for their brand from the beginning of the process. Range prides itself in its strong background in branding and its dedication to aspects such as readability and typography.   Services Through its website design and development services, Range is able to offer extensive mobile, responsive design, and user experience improvements that can be experienced throughout client sites in areas such as themes, plugins, and other implementations. Clients have the assurance that they will truly be able to reach success when working with each certified web developer on Range’s team. This is only further demonstrated by the company’s use of A/B testing, user testing, analytics analysis and numerous other forms of diagnostic testing. Through these methods, Range’s team is able to determine what clients need to change or continue to maintain on their sites in order to achieve the most positive user experience possible.