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Quartsoft is an outsource wordpress web developer that tailors ecommerce solution architecture to client’s individual business models. The company was founded in 1999, and since then has had over 300 customers worldwide, and have outsourced over 1000 web and mobile development projects. The team uses a proven strategy along with technical experience and a web development process that enables them to build cost-effective and successful solutions. The company stands out in the market as it works with its clients through thorough analysis of business needs, while keeping the clients aware of all decisions and ideas. The team is made up of in-house developers, designers, quality assurance specialists, technicians and system architects, and will guarantee coding standards and the meeting of deadlines.

Jira bug tracking system, Basecamp project management system
Key Clients
Since its founding in 1999, the company have established a large client base. One of Quartsoft’s biggest clients is the fast-food chain of Subway. Quartsoft had the opportunity to design and develop and build a website for Subway for several outlets in Singapore. This included a simple web design for faster food ordering, as well as promos, information and infographics. The project was a huge success and was widely used by customers.


01. Business Analysis 
02. Profit 
03. Pre-Production Planning 
04. Design 
05. Development 
06. Management 
07. Marketing