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LSEO is an SEO company located in Wilkes- Barre. The founder, Christopher Jones is the author of the book, “SEO Visual Blueprint”. His extensive research on the SEO market has ensured that he builds a highly successful company. He has also acquired a team of qualified people to help grow LSEO. Their combined experience has seen them become a leading SEO agency for small business owners. The Founder created a model where each company is given personalized attention and analysis. Apart from the qualified staff, the company also offers a wide range of services ranging from Web development, content creation, SEO and Social media management. They have successfully grown companies from the idea phase to being some of the leading brands in the United States. LSEO does this by ensuring that their clients’ services or products reach the right target audience. They also ensure that their sites are filled with information that is beneficial to the ends user and has the right key words to increase their SEO.  The above features have ensured that they are the best SEO Company for small business owners.
Key Clients
A medical University in Pennsylvania was looking for Search Engine Marketing Company. The greatest Challenge LSEO was to find a proper Medical target market. Being a University, they needed to fill the gaps in their Masters program before the semester began. LSEO was able to identify areas in which they would increase their online presence. They ensured that they increased their involvement in LinkedIn and FaceBook. They also created better ads and conducted paid searches on Google AdWords. With the steps undertaken, the University was able to generate over $1million in their school. They were also able to win an award for “Best Use of Search” and finalists for “Best Integrated campaign” and “Best Use of Search in a Cross Marketing Campaign” at the 2016 US Search Awards.


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02. SEO 
03. Social Media Management