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Icreon is a web development company based in New York. It is comprised of a team of experts that are dedicated to the transformative aspects of technology and what it can accomplish. As one of the more noteworthy website development agencies, Icreon specializes in the creation of software for businesses that are interested in becoming more efficient, profitable, and successful. Icreon generally works with moderately-sized businesses, although since it has made an undeniable presence for itself within the web development industry, this has also led to handling projects for many major brands and companies around the world.   Icreon follows a simple process to determine what approach will work the best for its clients. First, it assesses the needs of the client’s digital ecosystem and begins developing a technology plan of what must be changed or redefined. Secondly, the team then begins to work on executing the vision for the company through designing iterative software, development and implementation strategies. Upon completion of these aspects, Icreon then works on maintaining and modifying the client’s platform for consistent growth in the future. Through this method, clients are able to achieve noticeable results such as more efficient site designs, increased conversion rates, improved leads, and much more.
Key Clients
Icreon has worked with major brands such as Ferrari, National Geographic Channel, MUFG, Nokia, Mastercard, Playbill, FOX, Columbia University, NYU, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Panasonic, New York Road Runners, XPOLogistics, Domino’s Pizza, Sabon, PepsiCo, TOTO, IMG, Steinway & Sons, The Advisory Board Company and numerous others. When Icreon worked with National Geographic Channel, it was responsible for developing a means that would allow the brand a more concise, organized, and integrated method for managing its digital properties. To accomplish this, Icreon had to develop a CMS that was able to seamlessly integrate and interact with a variety of web application setups such as .NET, PHP, Drupal, and many others.