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First page SEO is one of the few companies that are rated among the top SEO companies in two countries. Located in Canada, they have managed to break the market boarder to create a name for themselves in both Canada and the United States. With 18 years of experience, the company has mastered the art of marketing and creating online footprint. Apart from the ordinary SEO services, they also offer an all round website service platform which includes, web development, content building and PR. Businesses in all Industries are well represented in the companies’ clientele database; they include lawyers, manufacturing companies, hospitality and many more. The company also prides itself to having SEO services for small business owners. They enable them to launch their start ups and gain the same exposure that established companies enjoy. First Page SEO applies a hands on approach with their clients’ websites. They ensure that they fully understand each clients business model and future goals, with that they are then able to have the right SEO strategy and approach. That aspect has also enabled them to have close relations with all their clients. The company has also ensured that their employees are fully trained to handle all their clients’ needs.
Key Clients
With the rise in online bookings worldwide, the hospitality industry has become highly flooded. Every resort, hotel, restaurant and B&B has flooded the internet with images, offers and their services. For a company to properly navigate through this system, they need to have had first page viewership in all major search engines. They also require websites that are easily accessible from mobile platforms. With First Page SEO, such companies are offered a website make over and having the right key words to optimize their viewership. The company also ensures that their ads are directed to the right market.


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