Customer Magnetism

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Customer Magnetism is a company that offers digital and social marketing strategies. The company was founded in 2000 in Virginia Beach. Customer magnetism seeks to provide a positive ROI to their clients by consistently improving the services they offer. The company also ensures that they practice what they preach by implementing the same strategies with their own business. Due to the professional SEO services they offer, Customer Magnetism has grown to become one of the leading SEO companies in the United States. The companies’ main selling point is their employees. They have ensured that they hire smart and positive people who see challenges only as opportunities to learn and grow. Their employees are also fortunate to have an edifying work environment and weekly training classes. Due to these features, clients are more drawn to trust them to handle their online footprint. The companies’ clients are also able to receive personalized attention and training for their staff. The relationship between Customer Magnetism and their clients is mutually beneficial because as their clients receive more recognition online, so do they.
Key Clients
Government Organizations around the world have opened themselves up to fully utilizing online media.   Customer Magnetism has ensured that Liberty Tax Services have grown their digital footprint. The company was able to understand the culture behind the running of such an organization. They were then able to draw out areas of strength and weakness and create a strategy fit for them. Over a period of time working with Customer Magnetism was able to ensure that Liberty tax services were able to grow their online presence.


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04. Web Development