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WordPress is great, you could even say it's beautiful, but you need to get it done right to really appreciate this powerful platform. Just about anyone can put up a website using this CMS and it will probably look decent. Codeable does not do decent – they are here to make sure your website is the most competitive it can be. Part of their expertise is in creating, optimizing, and maintaining WooCommerce shops on the WordPress platform. Codeable is an official partner of WooCommerce so, if this is what you are looking for, then you know your important project will be taken care of by experts here.

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John Daniel (June 3, 2017)
Co Founder at LAA

Codeable is a complete scam and ripped me off for over $10k. They misrepresent the capabilities of the developers, they make them charge at least $60/hr which is high for WP devs and they do not honor their money back guarantee even if they run a project into the ground like mine. I’ve never been this angry at a company in my entire life and intend to do as much legal harm to them in the form of getting my 100% truthful and horrific experience out there for others to see and hopefully avoid these scammers. Hopefully I can cost them much more then they have cost me.

My project was promised to be completed in 8-10 weeks and over 8mo later I had to walk away because I was bounced from one disinterested dev to another 3X and the site was never close to being completed. Then they had the nerve to refuse a refund and blame it on me even though they wasted 8 month of my life, missed any and all deadlines and never got even close to finishing the project.

The developers love Codeable because they have to charge a minimum of $60/hr even if they have the skill set of a $15/hr developer. Once the developers destroy the project, the Codeable SWAT team comes in to mop up the mess, lie about what happened and do everything they can to point the finger at you, protect their disinterested developers and keep your money, regardless of how poorly the project was executed.

My project had zero (and I mean zero) project management and the dingleberries who wrote the code never spoke to each other so they used two different plugins for language translation and when I called them out on it, they blamed each other. The end result was that I received an incomplete website in a zip file that was never close to being finished and the code was subpar to the level that other developers refused to work on it. This forced me to start over with a different developer and to literally lose every penny I invested into this project. M budget was just over $10k and they stole $10k of it which left little to nothing to finish the project.

When I demanded a refund which was promised to me by the CEO in writing, they refused to honor that refund even though the person I reported all the problems too confirmed that the developers simply “didn’t have the chops” to pull it off.

My credit card company sided with them for (2) reasons.

It had been more than 6 month and the sad thing is that Codeable promised to complete the project in 8-10 weeks, but as it dragged on, I played along in hopes they would pull it out of the fire somehow. Waiting past 6 months killed my chances of a refund.

When I did file the dispute along with overwhelming evidence (including the message from the CEO promising a refund) the CC company informed me that rules state if a supplier of services “responds” to the dispute and “claims to have provided the services”, you will lose the dispute. Of course Codeable lied like they needed that $10k to pay off a gambling debt to Don Vito Corleone himself. My CC company was very apologetic as it was beyond their control.

Codeable is also in Denmark which is out of reach for a lawsuit. I’d sue them all day long in US civil court but in Denmark, it’s not worth it. Even though I lost $10k for nothing, I’m still grateful to not be the one who needed to steal $10k from a client that I f’d over. No vacations to Denmark for me, especially with so many better countries in every direction.

Treat a customer right and they might tell someone, treat them wrong and they will tell EVERYONE. Stay away from the scammers at Codeable. Post navigation

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