Citrus Bits

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Citrus Bits is a leading mobile app development company based in Los Angeles and San Francisco. The software development company is dedicated to providing quality products and services to all of its clients, and in their portfolio have created applications that are now valued at $20M, and enterprise apps that are bringing in over $1B in revenue. Their creative process has always revolved around user experience, with thorough research involved in the development, with meticulous planning and flawless execution. In the first stage of the process, the company help the client to pinpoint what is already out in the market, using holistic research to identify who the most ideal user is, how they use technology, and what people want from an app, tailored to accommodate user habits. A smooth development is a key step in the process, and Citrus Bits has a streamlined development process by leveraging more modern, effective and efficient methodologies. Features are worked on in two week sprints, offering new functionality for the client to test. This process produces more transparency and limits risks. The company specialise in the development of mobile apps for iOS, creating innovative, functional, long lasting iPhone applications optimised for a positive user experience. The company also has a team dedicated to work solely on the Android platform, while also being a web app development company in additional to mobile applications.
Key Clients
One of the biggest clients that Citrus bits has in its portfolio is Burger King, for both iPhones and Android phones. Burger Kind needed a streamlined mobile application for an international market. The application had to be fast performing, reliable, universally compatible, versatile, while also being created to support multiple languages. To create software that can handle such a vast amount of users in multiple countries with various connection speeds is a large task, but the project was very successful.