HTML Canvas: anything you need to know in one cheat sheet


When an artist uses a canvas, they use it to create art, to express their freedom and create whatever they want from it in almost unlimited variations and combinations. The

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The Mega Infographic of Lesser Known Social Media Facts [Infographic]


Social media is one of the main topics of conversation in today’s day and age and for a good reason. 31% of the global population are active users of social

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More Than Just a Search Engine: Google’s Best, Failed, Unknown Products [Infographic]


With a total global revenue of $74.5 Billion, Google is not just a search engine, an email app or a popular operating system. Currently it has over 200 products and

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Increasing Website Conversions With Color Psychology Applications [Infographic]


Understanding color psychology can be a powerful tool for businesses that are seeking to capture the attention of customers and improve user experience. Different colours can influence whether a visitor

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Why Live Chat Is The Best Customer Service Right Now [Infographic]


E-commerce website owners have reported that one of the main issues online is maintaining customer engagement and preventing shopping cart abandonment. A key tool that has been proven in preventing

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Ultimate Comparison of 3 Most Popular Content Management System [Infographic]


Content management systems make life easier for millions of bloggers, website designers and small business owners working in different industries and targeting different audiences. Finding a functional, flexible and fast

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10 Must Do Steps to Improve Your Mobile Commerce Strategy [Infographic]


The proliferation of smartphones has brought about a new trend in consumer buying behavior called mobile commerce. According to recent research the mobile commerce trend is expected to continue to

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Why Faster Page Load Time is Better For Your Website [Infographic]


We can probably all agree that speed is an important factor in just about everything in life. When you want something it is more likely than not that you want

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You’re Going to Lose 1/3 of Your Sales If Your Website Isn’t Mobile-friendly During the Thanksgiving Weekend [Infographic]


During the 2015 Thanksgiving Weekend, online stores made 43% more on average than in 2014. Almost 50% of traffic came from mobile devices while one third of sales was made

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28 Facts You Probably Don’t Know About WordPress [Infographic]


We’re back with more fun facts and interesting bits and pieces for you to think about today. This time we are focusing on the WordPress content management system (CMS) and

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