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ZOEK is a company that offers local SEO services in and around California. With their experience in SEO, the company assures their clients full attention in marketing and higher ranking in search engines online.  The company offers a wide range of services that caters for businesses which are starting up to businesses which are already established.  The company has a group of staff members who are well equipped to handle all kinds of situations online. They are able to create personal bonds with their clients in order to build trust. The company seeks to offer an easy way for their clients to find and be found on online platforms. They follow the SEO company wiki definitions. ZOEK offers their services in web design, SEO and local SEO, Mobile marketing, Web Design, Mobile apps, social media and call tracking. In order to ensure that they offer a unique touch to SEO, the company offers services which would in most cases seem irrelevant. For example, call tracking services are quite important; they show the areas in which their clients are viewed more. It also ensures that they are able to restructure their services to ensure that the company is located in the right regions.     
Key Clients
With the rise in industrial and Business developments in the country, Manufacturing companies have the most competition more so because they offer the same services. For a company to stand out on Search Engines, they have to be ranked first and have great reviews. ZOEK offers a wide range of services for such companies. They modify their clients’ websites to ensure that they are easily reached and mobile friendly. The company also ensures that the end user is able to access and order for service from their mobile App. ZOEK also ensures that the company has steady growth until they can access first page ranking.     


01. SEO and Local SEO 
02. Mobile Marketing 
03. Web Design 
04. Mobile Apps 
05. Social Media 
06. Call Tracking