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WordPrax is a WordPress web developer firm based in New York, New York. Striving to be the best development company available, WordPrax has become the largest WordPress software company around and has over 10 years of experience. The company features a team of over 350 employees and has competed 50,000 projects for 4,500 customers around the world. WordPrax aims to create practical solutions and designs for businesses that are endeavoring to reach the top within their niche. The company specializes in WordPress development and conversion services to help meet the demands of ever changing trends within the market.   Clients utilizing WordPrax know that they have chosen a company that is dedicated to their success and to providing the most premium results possible. WordPrax is ISO 9001 certified, reflecting that the company only uses the latest guidelines and standards when working on every project. Offering all services at competitive pricing, WordPrax combines innovative approaches to proven methodologies to ensure that only the most optimal result is achieved for each client. The company works together with some of the most adept WordPress developers within the field and also features its own 24/7 technical support team to ensure that clients receive answers when they need them the most.
Key Clients
WordPrax has provided services to some of the major brands and companies around the world including Asos, Cushman & Wakefield, Kodak, CNet, Daa, Popular Science, Timr, and Texaco. Working together with companies such as Dropbuilder, Scribbles, Kendu and Residence Kventinarska, WordPrax was responsible for developing sites that utilized XHTML 1.0, CSS 2.1 and WordPress in a seamless presentation. WordPrax has also worked on a number of projects that combined HTML5, CSS 3.0 and WordPress for clients such as Turist, Enormail, and CarBlurbs.


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