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WholeGrain Digital is a WordPress development company based in London, United Kingdom. Featuring talent from around the world, WholeGrain Digital utilizes the best of its web developer skills to enable clients to make the most out of their WordPress sites. Experienced in all aspects of WordPress, this company handles themes, plugins, security, development, and numerous other aspects on client request. Clients using WholeGrain Digital experience higher conversion rates, increased traffic, new leads, and improvement in brand loyalty.   Recognizing the importance of imagery and web photography, WholeGrain Digital has its own in-house team responsible for creating the images used to achieve perfect assets for every site developed. This further enables the company to tailor designs to the themes and needs of the client in every way possible. WholeGrain Digital is also capable of providing full maintenance of WordPress sites and features monthly or quarterly support options.   Services WholeGrain Digital’s web developer skills include graphic design, migration, SEO, conversion, optimization with SEO and CRO, and much more. Responsive site design and an extensive array of design options combined with fully curated content ensures that clients can achieve maximum success with their online presence. Even if a client is struggling with ranking in search engines, WholeGrain Digital can provide the tools and expertise necessary to facilitate a more effective design and approach.   Whether a client needs a site built from the foundation or the revamp of a current design, WholeGrain Digital has the experts necessary to ensure the best results. As a leading WordPress development company, WholeGrain Digital also offers many additional services completely on demand per client request, showcasing a team that is truly knowledgeable in all aspects of design and development.
Key Clients
WholeGrain Digital has worked with leading brands such as M&S, Unicef, and Rightmove. Working with Morpheus Gym Design, WholeGrain Digital completely redesigned the site with a custom WordPress theme and utilization of EyeQuant attention analysis software to ensure visitors would be attracted to the company’s message and call to action prompts. When Rightmove needed a survey integrated into their blog, WholeGrain Digital provided them with a custom design and custom survey with landing page development that featured multi-step functionality.