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Web Dev Studios is a web development agency based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The company specializes in all aspects of WordPress and other rapidly emerging technologies. The company has built sites for some of the most successful companies based upon simple blueprints and designs. While Web Dev Studios handles many of the traditional development responsibilities such as design and migration, it is also capable of handling aspects such as security scans, scheduled offsite backups, tailored multisites and much more.   Web Dev Studios is renowned as a top development company. It is widely recognized for its contributions to the core development of WordPress and BuddyPress, as well as numerous books published about WordPress usage and web design. Clients using Web Dev Studios experience seamless responsive site design, an increase in traffic, lead generation, and improvement in brand loyalty. Due to the use of WordPress, clients also benefit from significant security improvements as a result of reduced vulnerabilities.   Services As a web development agency, Web Dev Studios offers a wide variety of WordPress services. These services include theme design, custom development, multisite network development, network support, consulting and discovery, migration, security solutions, e-commerce, consulting, support and maintenance. Along with these WordPress services, Web Dev Studios is also capable of building corresponding Android and iOS apps for client websites.   Web Dev Studios experience as a leading BuddyPress development and design agency has further defined it as a top development company. Utilizing true expertise, Web Dev Studios can transform any Wordpress site into a fully functional social network with BuddyPress. In addition, Web Dev Studios has actively contributed to the development of BuddyPress since its initial release.   Top Projects Web Dev Studios has worked with major names such as Microsoft, Discovery Communications, HEB, Campbell’s, Uber, Shopify, Time, Starbucks, and more. The team created a custom theme and design for Discovery Communications using WordPress and handled all of the migration, design and development aspects. Working with The Campbell Soup Company, Web Dev Studios built a custom plugin to handle the migration of recipes and products from the company site’s internal API to a WordPress Multisite Network. Additionally, Web Dev Studios was also responsible for developing the entirety of Uber’s website based upon designs that the company had provided.