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Wallaroo Media is a company that specializes in Digital, creative design and marketing. They have focused their services to provide an all round foundation for their clients. The company’s ability to start their clients from start has enabled them to be the best SEO agency for small business owners. The company is situated in Utah. Wallaroo has built its brand as an SEO company as well. With their experience in SEO, creative design, PR and marketing, they have built a portfolio of some of the fastest rising companies in the United States.  The company offers their clients individualized attention and drafts their strategies according to the clients’ immediate needs. They evaluate the clients’ online presence, eliminate content that could be attracting erroneous viewership, design the right codes and easy key words, and implement their SEO. With this, their clients are assured of an increase in revenue. In addition to their services, they also offer PR services, which are set to ensure that their clients ‘bad press’ are handled without affecting their ranking on search engines.
Key Clients
The Entertainment industry has become one of the most competitive fields in the world. Companies now announce their new releases and launch online as opposed to doing it on print media. In the case of Disney, Wallaroo media was able to capture their audience online by creating platforms where they could interact with them directly. Their goal was to ensure that their client was ranked first on all Entertainment search Engines. They have successfully grown their online presence.


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06. APP marketing