Value Coders

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Value coders is a web development agency based in India that provides a wide range of services for its customers. The company was created back in 2004 and since then have been delivering successful IT outsourcing solutions to its clients around the world. The company combines proven methodologies with years of business domain knowledge. There are over 450 members that make up the team, all of which have proven technological expertise. The company works with all kinds of clients, from small start-ups to large enterprises, they can cater for a large range of diverse requirements. So far, the company have had over 1500 happy clients with a 96% customer retention rate. Value coders have a strong code of ethics behind them. Taking on a personal approach with each and every customer and following a set web development process. The team study every client’s case in detail and work out the project’s needs, analysing and monitoring the outcomes every time. Not only that, but the team have 24-hour availability and have won a large number of awards.
Key Clients
Recently the company were given the challenge of creating an online tours and online booking portal, that is well suited to heavy traffic and secure payment integration. Value coders delivered a user friendly website to replace the old, increasing both website visitors and customer experience.


01. Application development 
02. Application Maintenance 
03. Application Modinisation 
04. Testing