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Straight North is a company that specializes in offering SEO techniques to upcoming companies. With its head office strategically located in Chicago, it becomes easier to offer services to clients in North and South America. The company prides itself to having one of the best business models among SEO companies. With this they have also helped their clients build their business structures and ultimately succeed.   The SEO market has become a highly competitive field around the world. What was previously done in-house by most companies is now being outsourced to other companies. Due to this trend, SEO and online marketing companies have to ensure that they have unique personalized services to their clients. For Straight North, they identify themselves as a one stop shop for all online requirements. They have a full time experienced team composed of web developers, online content creators, web hosting services and online marketing. The company staff ensures that their clients are able to reach as far as SEO Company London. The wide spread ensures that their clients do not only grow locally but also internationally. Most clients who have used Straight North are return customers, who swear by the unmatched services they get every time they contract Straight North. Services For Straight North, setting them apart as SEO technique offering company puts them at a higher value than other SEO companies. Some of their incredible services include;
  • SEO- they do this by offering complete campaigns, unparalleled transparency and validated sales leads.
  • Website marketing- they do this by PPC management, Display advertising and email marketing. These services ensure that their clients are featured in the top search platforms in SEO Company London.
  • Web design and content creation- the company ensures that all their clients have state of the art web pages and are easily viewed on mobile platforms.
Key Clients
Straight North has worked with some of the leading brands in the United States. They have also been in the forefront in the establishment of most companies.   Some of their clients include; BluePay, Crane, Microfluidics, Microtek and many more. One of the Company’s remarkable contracts was with Earthwise, an environmental incorporation. Earthwise wanted their website built and make it responsive with mobile technology. Straight North not only built an impressive site, but also revamped their online content consequently increasing their SEO on the main search engines worldwide. The president of Earthwise, Robert Miller is proud to spread the critical issues of water treatment and conservation to an audience worldwide. They have also been on first page of Google searches since they started working with Straight North.