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Spyr Media is a website development company based in Chicago. While it used to focus primary on web development ide, over the past decade Spyr Media has dedicated itself to building brands and business ventures such as SPYR, Paleo Porn, and BYLT. The company has also built hundreds upon hundreds of Genesis themes, though only two of them are currently available for purchase. Providing a pivotal and innovative approach to branding and development for its clients, Spyr Media is easily one of the more highly demanded companies within the industry. However, its interest in clients is fairly selective since it has built up a fairly dedicated based of clientele throughout its work within the past decade.   Services Spyr Media currently offers coaching and mentorship to brands, although it does not actively accept new clients anymore. For consideration, potential clients must arrange an initial coaching call with Spyr Media or send in specific details about desired projects. Not overlooking its role as a website development company, Spyr Media still provides web development ide services to clients, but has become increasingly selective regarding the projects it will work on. For consideration on web development projects, clients must provide as many details as possible regarding the branding, assets, and vision of their company, in addition to other requested information. Outside of its coaching, mentorship and web development services, Spyr Media also provides photography services. Spyr Media has previously shot portraits and weddings, although it primarily focuses on its other business ventures. Clients interested in hiring Spyr Media to capture event photography are encouraged to make a request for the service, although acceptance depends greatly upon the team’s availability outside of other projects.
Key Clients
Spyr Media has worked together with hundreds of brands over the years such as The Minimalists and Paleo Porn. Spyr Media’s legacy of work showcases powerful branding approaches with high attention to detail, typography, readability and engaging content. The company has also utilized responsive web design and minimalist designs to further maximize efficiency while browsing.   While many in the industry have recognized Spyr Media for its work with clients like Cartoon Guru, USA Love List, Focal Shift, Joshua Fields Millburn, One Brave Cowgirl and others, Spyr has also garnered attention through its own business ventures. This includes ventures such as its cookbook, Pigskin Paleo, the development of BYLT, the founding of its non-profit organization Nerdy Media, and producing the #1 Indie documentary of 2016, Minimalism.