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From the initial strategy creation phase, and all the way through to the lifecycle of your app, Sourcebits can help streamline the process by keeping it all under one roof. You will not need to pick and choose the services from multiple providers when you hire the team at Sourcebits to take on your new project, because they have trained professionals to take care of each important part.   Some of the notable Sourcebits clients include Hallmark, Intel, GE, ING, MIT, and Hershey's. All of these companies can afford to hire just about anyone they want, and they all chose to hire this team. Sourcebits works on all of the platforms you would expect, such as iOS and Android, but they can also develop Windows apps – something that many other large developers will not do.
Key Clients
Bank of America, Disney, GE, Intel, MIT, IBM, P&G, Hershey's, Coca-Cola (CokeCheers), Powerade, Fossil, Bobsled (for T-Mobile), Skyfire, Peel, TwitPic, Chef's Feed, Lullabytes, Boy Genius Report