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SERF company (link is external) is rapidly growing web and mobile development company based in Ukraine, Kharkov. Our highly skilled and experienced team of professionals provide quality and cost-effective solutions for clients from USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and from other countries. Our next step is Artificial Intelligence and we are sure that our experience will help us to be successful in this filed also.


01. Dedicated Development Team 
02. Web Development 
03. Mobile Application Development 
04. Big Data 
05. SEO 
06. Web Design 
07. QA & Testing 


Amazing Cart

What is AmazingCart? It's a new application that was made by Serfcompany for your on-line Stores. AmazingCart has deep integration with popular e-Commerce systems such as: WooCommerce, Magento, Opencart and PrestaShop. Our app allows your clients to buy products from their Devices. In App Store, Google Play and soon in Microsoft Store your Shop will be visible for users and attract many clients to your Shop site. Why do you need AmazingCart? This application will increase your profit because customers will be able to buy your products everywhere and anytime. And you don’t need to spend a lot of time and money for development process. You just install AmazingCart to your Web Store. It’s easy customization allows to use it to every person. The customer can change icons, descriptions, background colors and text colors in app. Your customers will independently create their mood and positive attitude by buying products in your Store.



SerfBot can be used not only for testing, for example, you can also use it for monitoring latest jobs and be the first person to apply to them. By the way, if you can’t adjust SerfBot by yourself, you can always contact our developers and they will configure the SerfBot accordingly to your requirements for less than 5 minutes.



On-line binary options only recently become available to a wide range of traders. Currently, online binary options are considered to be perhaps the best way to earn money on the stock exchange. The popularity of binary options due not only to their high profitability, but also their easiness to learn. The essence of binary options trading is to ensure that the right to evaluate the profitability of an asset for a specified period of time. If your guess will be correct, you earn. Otherwise, you will lose your money. However, both the amount of losses and profit margins are known in advance. Making a decision about buying or selling an option, a trader knows exactly how much money is in danger and how many he can earn. This is one of the key differences between binary options from other types of trading, where losses may exceed several times the value of the asset. That is why Serfcompany represents Option which is a program that helps you to earn quickly and easily on such options. The program has easy graphical user interface for working in all operating systems.



The first sports exchange, which provides the most accurate sports predictions with the high traffic! Our service has been designed specifically for the clients and forecasters with the aim to sell only the highest quality sports predictions. The first thing we want to draw your attention - it's really Forecaster rating that cannot be bought for money.