SEO Services Los Angeles

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SEO services Los Angeles is a company that offers web development and SEO services in the Los Angeles area and the United States. ¬†They are located in the heart of Los Angeles. The company is driven towards helping small businesses build their online audience. The founder Sam Shefrin started the company after starting several online businesses and being ripped off of each one. The desire to help others not go down the same path led to the creation of SEO services Los Angeles. The founder offers each business a one on one which has grown to build the confidence of their clients. They ensure to make it clear that their role is not to stockpile a portfolio of clientele but rather to build relationships with their clients.   The company has established itself and partnered with some of the leading search engines in the world. Their strategic plan is to show that even small businesses can make money from online platforms. They offer website building for their clients and conversion to mobile friendly websites. A research conducted showed that over 50% of searches were done from mobile phones. This being a relatively new area to SEO agencies, the company took full advantage and grew to be one of the pioneers in the industry. Services The company offers some of the best SEO services which include;
  • Research and planning- which is done to create personalized SEO campaigns and getting focused key words.
  • Strategic consulting- they do this to ensure that the website, SEO, PPC, Branding, tracking, follow up, and marketing strategies are all in synchrony to optimize results.
  • Personalized attention- the company takes up only 15 clients at any given time in order to ensure that they give the clients the attention they need to grow their companies online. As a result, the company has become one of the best SEO agencies in the Los Angeles area.
Key Clients
SEO services Los Angeles has worked with some of the fastest growing businesses in the country. Some of their clients include landlord marketing structures, BidetsPlus, Network Cabling Solutions among others. One of the guarantees the company offers their clients is a return on investment. Aesthetic Edge, is one of the companies has adversely benefited from services offered by SEO Services Los Angeles. Aesthetic Edge was able to grow their business from a small Spa website to one that was ranked on the first page of Google in a period of less than two months.