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Redstage are one of the best development companies made up of a talented group of web developers with a strong team of marketers, developers and designers, based in Hoboken and Santa Monica. The company have worked on multiple ecommerce platforms with over 600 ecommerce sites in their portfolio. The passion of the team is to makes its clients ecommerce sites look beautiful and work flawlessly, while also having exceptional conversion rates. The company are official enterprise partners of Magento, Shopify Plus and BigCommerce enterprise. The team collaborate over 4 countries to create stunning ecommerce sites for business who have a huge potential of growth, yet can’t quite see how to reach this potential. Over their time in business, RedStage have built websites from scratch for companies or completely reworked existing company’s sites to prompt business growth and drive traffic to the company making it a best development company.
Key Clients
Ecommerce design and development- Redstage takes ecommerce channels to the next level and translates this into successful projects. The best development company creates fully custom and semi-custom solutions with Magento, Shopify Plus and BigCommerce Enterprise. Managed Support- The company is efficient with unparalleled response time, with the right team to help their clients make the right decisions. - Engaging design- Uniting art with commerce to support company’s brands while making the company’s website content take centre stage. - Expert development - ERP Integration- When the key systems behind a site speak to each other, the site will run smoothly. - Conversion Audit- The best development company are there for anything from changing colours, testing, adding new functionality and upgrading. - Technology and security audit - BigCommerce enterprise - Platform Support