Peak Positions

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Peak Positions is an SEO company located in Michigan. According to SEO agency reviews, the company is listed among the top 20 companies in the world. The company, under Jack Roberts prides itself to having over 15 years experience in SEO and marketing. One of their major partnerships is with Ferris University where they have assisted in creating curriculums for SEO and marketing. The initiative has helped them diversify their activities. Peak solutions offers services in: white-hat SEO, top raking status on Google, Yahoo, Bing ad AOL among others. The company main strategy is to offer affordable services in order to accommodate small businesses. Their partnerships have enabled them to develop their market to reach a global audience. The company also has a team who are dedicated to ensuring that their clients reach their full potential. Apart from offering the items on their SEO service list, the company also offers a free SEO rating and analysis for businesses. With this review, they are able to show potential clients how they are able to develop their businesses.
Key Clients
The company is focused on growing the online presence of small businesses giving them a level competing field with other organizations. One of their clients, an Architect firm, was struggling to get through the online barriers ad grow their online presence. However, Peak solutions was able to help them improve their online content, empower their staff on how to handle online social media. The company did this by ensuring that the company was in the right audience space able to receive the right coverage.