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Path Interactive is a digital marketing agency based in New York. As one of the leading best local SEO Company, Path Interactive functions as a search engine marketing and full internet advertising company. Path Interactive is renowned for developing comprehensive and integrated campaigns that make use of a blend of services that is appropriate for each client. As one of the best SEO Company, they have a very profound know-how in PPC management, SEO, social media and display advertising. The company depends on the complete scope of digital marketing stratagem to accelerate performance. This is regardless of whether the objective is prospecting for leads, intensifying a brand’s influence and message, or growing current clientele and galvanizing them to convert. Path has a team of accomplished specialists who are experienced in offering innovative and unique services to businesses seeking to experience online growth. The team is fixated at getting results using the most advanced approaches and industry insights to help clients realize success. Path Interactive achieves client objectives by scrutinizing data for disguised trends and the most inherent opportunities, and also by cultivating the aspects that are most relevant to their client’s bottom line. With these far reaching and more seasoned analytics, Path Interactive provides the guarantee that their campaigns capture and engage the most appropriate customers for their clients.
Key Clients
Some of the top names in the businesses that Path Interactive has worked with include; BirchBox, Carmex, American Express, Time INC, PACE University, Tourism of Spain, Woodbridge, Locker, Bluefly, Amsterdam and many more. One of the company’s biggest achievements was a project with World Wresting Entertainment (WWE). Path Interactive, helped increase their overall Bing and Google sales revenue by 127% and 208% through a new channel that subsequently increased profit by 500%. As the best SEO Company, Path Interactive also worked with the Tourist Office of Spain to help galvanize interest in Spanish tourism. Their vigorous social media marketing and advertising campaigns brought about impressive outcomes that saw a marked increase in their Facebook user engagement through brand building page content. More than 716,000 impressions were recorded through highly targeted Facebook advertising and an above industry average click through rate of 2%, 53% increased registration rates, and 40% increased participation rate through paid and organic social strategies.