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Page traffic is an SEO company committed to bringing their clients new traffic to their sites every day. The company offers clients from different industries the opportunity to grow their brand to a worldwide audience. With branches in India and the United States, the company is able to provide a wider range of viewership. The company was founded in 2002 and has grown to be the leading SEO Company in India and among the top SEO companies in the United States. The companies’ growth is accredited to their eagerness to learn, their ability to device case-specific strategies and their ability to adapt to fast changing algorithms.   Page traffic maintains a healthy relationship with all their employees. They understand that their employees determine the quality of the output of their work. The company has also gained popularity due to the consistency in the services they offer. Page Traffic has ensured that they maintain the local SEO services even as they broaden their service list. The company has been fortunate to win several awards in the countries where it is represented. They have also maintained the SEO company wiki recommendations.


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