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Oss Media is a web development agency based in Rochester, New York. The company aims to make it easier for clients to successfully integrate open source components and solutions into their current business models using professional expertise. Offering cost-effective and enhanced open source options, Oss Media has established itself as an upcoming leader in the industry with its dedication to the web development process. Clients utilizing Oss Media benefit in a number of significant ways such as responsive web design, increased leads, and improvement in brand loyalty.   Clients can also choose to outsource their business requirements to Oss Media, which can be particularly beneficial. In doing so, clients have access to hundreds of open source professionals with over 5 years of experience, an IT infrastructure with reliable facilities that can be utilized in less than 24 hours, complete control over teams, comprehensive reporting, intellectual property protection and much more. Although outsourcing requirements to Oss Media, clients maintain complete control in many aspects, including schedules and deliverables. Oss Media also enables the client to see the development of the project in real-time.   Services As a web development agency, Oss Media’s services focus primarily on development through a variety of technologies. These technologies include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento. The technology used depends greatly upon client request and also the intended goals for the site, such as greater usability options through WordPress and more attractive aesthetics with Drupal.   Understanding the intricacies and the complex requirements that are necessary to develop a premium quality site and user experience, Oss Media works together closely with clients throughout the web development process to determine the best technologies and services to meet their needs. The company features a dynamic team of expert developers with experience working on all of the latest development platforms in addition to being highly knowledgeable about required tools and current industry standards. In addition, Oss Media provides 24-hour technical support to ensure that clients can receive assistance when it is most needed.  
Key Clients
Oss Media has provided services for over 1500 customers including CarBlurbs, Systemagic, Kendu, Dropbuilder, Alertful, and numerous others. The team has worked on over 10,000 projects within the past 5 years and has developed and utilized a variety of platforms during this time. Oss Media prides itself on its simple, minimalist designs, effective implementation of developed platforms, and vast web solutions options.