Ora Interactive

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Ora Interactive creates customer mobile and web applications for a range of businesses, based in Chicago. The company designs and develop app store featured, Fortune 50 deployed applications that are ideal for both current businesses and start-ups, and is one of the best companies for app development. With a strong expertise in both iOS and Andriod platforms. The expert app developers create compelling products that adhere to the clients brief and needs, setting them apart from the rest and driving both traffic and revenue to the business. The experienced engineers will help clients develop complex coding that will deliver a strong and extensible product every time, while the agile development process allows the team to deliver build iterations regularly, so there is always the opportunity for change.
Key Clients
Ora Interactive has a vast portfolio of application, all of which have achieved great results and have been very successful for the company that it supports. The company have developed an application for Playlist which allows users to explore people, events, and activities. The design has an emphasis on bold imagery in a visual showcase of adventures.