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OptFirst is a company that offers SEO services in the heart of Miami. The company was founded to fill the need for companies that needed to turn clicks into conversions. They ensure that their clients are able to generate more business from online channels. OptFirst is directly involved with their clients growth and success. They have ensured that they only pick one client per industry and geographical location. That means that they do not put their clients in a pool to compete against each other. It also ensures that they are able to give their clients personalized attention and a better chance to succeed on all SEO company reviews. OptFirst was founded by one of the leading SEO specialists in the country, John Kriney. With his extensive experience in SEO, he is able to hand craft each business strategy for their clients’’. The company also has staff that is dedicated and driven to grow their companies’ profiles.  The company also prides itself to having some of the best brands represented in their portfolio. Their SEO services are also tailor made to fit the profiles of all their clients.     
Key Clients
Jewelry companies have moved business from renting space to online. The realization of that fact means that the playing field is more competitive. The main players in the SEO online market are those that have the better viewership. For such a company, their online content needs to be visible, approachable and likable to the audience. OptFirst is able to create an online platform by redesigning their clients’ websites, optimizing their SEO, growing their online presence through advertisements and campaigns. Eventually, the clients are able to optimize their sales from their online platforms.  


01. SEO 
02. Reputation Management 
03. Pay per Click Marketing 
04. Conversion Optimization 
05. Social Media 

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Marcia Fuentes (February 5, 2018)
Madrid at 3 Point Rush
$ 2600 35 months
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Thank you for taking the time to discuss this, the additional information page about SEO and placements? I really like it and I appreciate your work.I deeply read the points you mentioned in this page and I have to say that I'm really useful for my juegos friv website. I would like to optimize a games site, could you help me? Thank you?

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