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One IMS is a company that offers professional SEO services to small, medium and large companies in Chicago. The company prides itself to having the most innovative staff members. The founder Brian Halligan is a business savvy leader who allows his staff members to learn and grow their potential in their various fields. The Companies main agenda is to offer solutions, strategies and tools to help equip businesses to enlarge their clientele and wider scope for prospective clients. The features have enabled the company develop their portfolio to include all categories of businesses.   One IMS offers personalized strategies for their different clients. The companies do this by studying the business concepts, identifying areas of weakness and offering solutions to the challenges. They also work with funded start-ups by offering them web design, SEO and other business services. Their diversity with the clients they are able to work with has made them create a high ranking among SEO companies in the country. They have also partnered with the main search engine and broadcast companies in order to ensure their efficiency in the delivery of their services.
Key Clients
The service industry has grown to become one of the most competitive fields in our country. With these services, companies need targeted market audience, by location, specific service and ratings. With One IMS, companies offering services are able to increase their growth levels by up to 100%. The company ensures that they conduct key word optimization and SEO. In return, companies are able to have return on investments. The company also increases traffic on their clients’ pages, grow their content information, run social media campaigns and ensure that they have no negative feedback in their pages.


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