Olio Digital Labs

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PHP, Laravel, Perch CMS, Javascript, React Native


01. Custom Web Development 
02. Cross Platform Mobile App Development 


Custom Group Tour Management System

The new group tour booking and management system, custom built by Olio for Ellison, has a fresh design, a completely new code base using the Laravel PHP framework, and is responsive to tablets and smartphone devices. It's integrated with Ellison's new WordPress-based website so website administrators can avoid duplicate tour information entry, and also cuts down on the time travellers spend creating and managing tour registrations.


Municipal Website Redesign

The Olio team created a new website design that would utilize the existing custom CMS, using an approach that drastically reduced the cost of building the new website, and meant very little change for Port Colborne's website administrators. The new design supported a responsive layout for tablets and smartphone devices, and established guidelines for Port Colborne's staff to help them create graphics that would be consistent with the new look and feel.


Custom Time Tracking System

Olio produced a custom web application that allowed employees and contractors in the field to submit daily timesheets from any web browser they had access to, be it a desktop, tablet, or smartphone device. The head office staff review the timesheets for discrepancies, can easily translate that data into invoices, and they are also using the time entries for payroll, streamlining another process that was hindered by a reliance on paper.


Cross-Platform Mobile CRM App

Olio worked closely with College Pro to identify the most critical features to a mobile app, and began building it in an iterative manner, showing progress while also giving franchisees the necessary tools to let them work more efficiently in the field. Olio identified the most common franchisee workflows, and then designed a mobile app to work with the existing database used by the web-based solution which resulted in a v1.0 app that was used during the 2016 season, with additional updates made available throughout the season providing additional functionality. Olio continues to work on new versions of the app, which features a custom design, a completely new code base using React Native, and built for both iOS and Android platforms.


Custom Website

A portion of Olio's team built healthunit.com, and Olio is responsible for ongoing maintenance, new features, and providing training to new users at MLHU.