Old City Press

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Old City Press is a web development company based in Alexandria, Virginia. It specializes in many aspects of design, development, and marketing. In addition to providing web design services, this company also handles a variety of letterpress printing projects, building upon its strong experience with graphic design. Old City Press works closely with each of its clients to achieve optimal execution of ideas and further encourage growth. Clients benefit from enhanced brand loyalty, increased traffic, and an increase in leads as a result of working with this company. As a top development company, Old City Press has provided premium quality services to numerous clients since its formation. Demonstrating that no project is too big or too small, Old City Press is not only able to handle larger-scale projects, but also provides many services to small businesses as well. The company recognizes that creating a well-known web presence is important toward the success of any online business, but that this goal is often even more challenging for small businesses that are focusing on local demographics. As a result, Old City Press aims to provide services that are functional to larger brands as well as small local entities that are just starting out.
Key Clients
Old City Press has completed over 400 projects of various sizes throughout the years. This includes projects for clients such as Benjamin England FDA Law Firm, Rugs Direct, King Baudouin Foundation, NAPABA Convention, Millennium Corporation, IDI Development Group and many more. On these projects, Old City Press was responsible for the development and design of each client’s website, also providing any additional services that were requested at the time.