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Multidots is a web development company based in Gujarat, India. As one of the top development company options available within the region, Multidots is a full-service WordPress and WooCommerce agency that helps businesses define and set up corresponding brand identities online. The company aims to help clients find and develop brand identities that work well with their overall message and communicate brand purpose to the greater public more effectively. Multidots focuses on all aspects of the development process and ensures that whether dealing with back-end elements or aesthetics, the final result will improve user experience. Although Multidots is dedicated to building websites and increasing usability to the highest extent, the company is also able to handle an array of other tasks. The team is comprised of industry professionals from a variety of sectors including design, mobile apps, development, quality assurance, testing, open source technologies, web applications, and much more. This versatility ensures that regardless of what type of features or functionality clients may need incorporated into a project, Multidots will be able to provide the best results possible and meet all professional benchmarks. Clients using Multidots see increased brand loyalty, site traffic, and new leads.
Key Clients
Multidots has worked on numerous projects for clients including Selfie Soapbox App, URateIt App, Calendar App, mBono App, MoneyGeek, Copyright Alliance, Cleartail, Aerosmall, Greenly, Express Writers, Official Watches, Prototypesz Studios, Martin Marino, Time Tutelary, Baramigos, Spring City, Loov, OndaySix, Sneaker News Top 10, Expat Club, Soundvent, and Won-Too to name some of the most recent. Working together with Greenly, Multidots was responsible for implementing a variety of features for the site’s ecommerce shop through the use of WordPress. The team was also responsible for working on the company’s mailing list, applying custom validation error messages for coupon codes, and working on a shipping calculator tool that also included a plugin for WooCommerce.