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Mojotech is a leading software design and development team based in Providence, New York, Boulder and Washington. The company compromises of a dedicated team of software engineers, designers and product managers, whose proven success in the field of web app development and engineering standards have allowed Mojotech to turn complex software problems into scalable solutions. Over the years the company have helped ship over 100 successful products, all of which are completely unique. The company pride themselves on being able to produce and build a range of products, including both web and mobile applications, wearable applications, healthcare applications, big data solutions and more. Its talent in gaming apps makes the company a strong competitor in the field of game app development companies. The company understand that a businesses end goal is to produce more than just a product or an app, it is the results of this project that drives traffic and success, customers and revenue. A successful application can improve business success, and clients are continuously happy with their results. In order to create such complex software, Mojotech use a range of platforms to reach the desired goal, those such as Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Reach, iOS, Android, Angular and React. Time after time clients have been satisfied with the unparalleled service provided by the company, with seamless design and elegant solutions to software problems. Services Mojotech leads clients of all sizes through a full product development cycle, from ideation to realization. However the company not only deliver mobile and web app development, but also:
  • Reduce risks through rapid Product Definition Sprints
  • Provide training for in house teams to permanently accelerate company development
  • Develop and document best practice in product development
  • Is a leader in game app development companies
Key Clients
When working for the company Teespring, Mojotech helped to scale their massive growth by spearheading major upgrades to their platform to cater for the increased demand. A team of engineers supported a complete rewrite of the codebase on Ruby on Rails, combined with internal tooling to create outstanding results.