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Modern Tribe is a digital design and development agency comprised of a full time staff and freelance professionals from around the world. Aiming to be the best development company, Modern Tribe specializes in content strategy, user experience, publishing, and product development. The company is responsible for launching over 1000 high traffic websites with analytics touting up to 25 million unique visitors. Modern Tribe has also designed and launched a large number of high profile mobile apps and has contributed to WordPress directly by developing some of the most downloaded plugins available.   Modern Tribe targets and accomplishes client goals through a process involving discovery, definition, UX and IA, visual design, development and evaluation. During this process, Modern Tribe’s team identifies the main problems, develops solutions, and creates the designs to share those solutions with the rest of the world. Fine attention to detail during the development and execution phases set Modern Tribe apart from other digital agencies as the best development company available online. Clients using Modern Tribe experience increased traffic, new leads, improved brand loyalty, and more efficient site design.   Services Modern Tribe’s dedication to becoming the best development company is demonstrated by its dedication to providing professional service. As a digital development agency, Modern Tribe handles core responsibilities including strategy, design, user experience, prototyping, and R&D. Each professional on the Modern Tribe team also utilizes advanced knowledge and WordPress expertise.   Further defining itself as the best development company, Modern Tribe has won numerous awards for its work including three Webby Awards, three Webby Finalists, two Interactive Media Awards, Communicator Award, W3 Award, the Gov 2.0 Grand Prize, and Mayoral Commendations.   Top Projects Modern Tribe has worked with many of the top commpanies around the world such as Mozilla, Steelcase, Harvard, Macmillan, Zillow, Westinghouse, Holiday Inn, Seagate, MTV, CBS, Sales Force, and many more. When Harvard determined that it needed website migration, Modern Tribe handled the 18-month project and provided UI, UX, visual design and migration services. Providing services in development, migration, UI and UX, Modern Tribe also worked closely with MIT Sloan to design and develop a responsive site that could effectively deliver content to its researchers and leaders.