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Ivory Digital is a full service website development company that has been created in order to meet the growing needs of boutique and luxury brands, based in New York City. Sometimes more unique companies need help in standing out, and Ivory Digital can help them achieve just that with business strategy, creativity and open source technology. The web development company will work with their clients throughout the whole process, from discovery, planning and strategy, to the design and development. Additionally they will help clients to understand the market that they are working with, spotting opportunities and generating original ideas, making sure to use the right technology for the job. Since their founding in 2008, Ivory Digital has worked with some of the most unique small business brands in the world, delivering outstanding results every time.
Key Clients
Throughout their time in business, Ivory Digital have worked with some big clients, such as L’Oreal Makeup, Penguin, Madlibs, Condor, Brightbox and many more. For L’Oreal makeup.com, the team were asked to create a brand new Brand Strategy. After in depth research, concept design and visual design, the content strategy change could be enforced. A stunning and user friendly website was created with very successful results.


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