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A leader in website design and development services, Interconnect/it is based in the United Kingdom and is the country’s largest independent provider of WordPress services. Interconnect/it solely provides its design and development services to news, large enterprise and corporate companies, making it primarily responsible for the launch of some of the most well-known company websites throughout the region. Additionally, the company develops a variety of plugins; some of which are often custom-built to meet clients needs. Interconnect/it values content management and takes pride in creating themes and plugins that enable clients to take full control of this aspect. Interconnect/it is dedicated to providing responsive web development. Clients of Interconnect/it see vast improvements to their growth and outreach upon transitioning to a responsive site. Migrating customers from outdated and defunct CMS to modern options such as WordPress encourages increased traffic and facilitates opportunities to further develop brand identity and brand loyalty. Providing optimization for mobile and compatibility among all platforms also ensures that clients increase outreach to their target demographic. Services Interconnect/it’s website design and development services include branding, hosting, support, migration, and more. The company’s team of experienced professionals showcase their expertise in WordPress through the creation of themes and plugins that are developed specifically to the needs of the client. Clients that have envisioned a unique approach to their site can see these goals achieved through Interconnect/it’s ability to transform even the most basic of designs into a fully functional site with responsive web development. Interconnect/it is also capable of integrating various forms of e-commerce, subscription generation, and site advertisement options.
Key Clients
Interconnect/it ran a complete overhaul of Worktech Academy’s website to provide it with a more robust and efficient design. Services that Interconnect/it covered included branding, design, development, WordPress theme and plugin development, training, hosting, and ongoing support. Interconnect/it also worked with Creative Review to migrate and update the design of the company’s site. Interconnect/it provided numerous services for this project including plugin installation from a suite of technology it had custom developed, responsive theme development, gap design work from flat designs, ADTECH integration, user support, and much more.