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It's like steroids for your business software, without all of the side effects and legal issues. The team at Intellectsoft wants to make your business systems more intelligent, intuitive, and profitable, by creating custom solutions just for you. They know that there is no real cookie cutter, out of the box solution that works for everyone, and they will work with you to create software that has your business needs as the number one priority.   The process starts with a thorough analysis of your business software needs, including any existing software that must be taken in to account, to make sure everyone understands what the starting point is and where you would like to take it. After the analysis, they will go through all of the other stages such as development, implementation, marketing, and beyond, while keeping you informed and giving you a voice.
Key Clients
Jaguar, Harley-Davidson, Guinness, UNIVERSAL, NHS, Nestle, LAND ROVER, CLINIQUE, BOMBARDIER