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Ignite Digital is a Canadian Digital Agency that provides digital solutions for medium to big brands. The agency is the exact SEO definition of how solutions that combine content marketing, social media, SharePoint website development, and enterprise mobile application, should be put into practice to aggrandize campaigns for clients. Ignite Digital is regularly monitoring and engaging in real time and progressively gauging how they perform while also putting into action their expertise to drive results.  Ignite Digital does well in any SEO Company review and has been placed as one of the top agencies in Canada. Ignite Digital has a very amazing team that is collaborative, savvy and accomplished. They work with seasoned digital experts as well as fresh industry talents and graduate researchers that fuse together to achieve remarkable results. They work with the best digital marketers to blend creative content with analytical data driven insights in order to create a deeper level of personalization and engagement with their customers. They have a team that has a deep understanding of the industry and their marketing experience is very valuable in providing solutions to businesses. Their digital designers are adept at creating optimized designs that work across multiple computers and mobile devices.
Key Clients
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Ignite Digital has worked with numerous leading companies. Some of these companies include, Pepsi, Maple Leaf Foods, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Canada, Eastern Meat Solutions, Tango Tile, DeoVeritas, Dempster's among others. Ignite Digital worked with Invoice Payment System Corporation. They were in need of an agency to develop their search engine optimization strategy, along with web development. Ignite Digital began the project in 2014 and continue to work on their SEO strategy, web development, and design. The client was very satisfied with the work delivered by Ignite Digital. Specifically, they speak highly of the results they've seen from Ignite Digital's SEO strategy. According to the client, many of their keyword placements have greatly improved since beginning the project with Ignite Digital. The client highly recommends Ignite Digital to others.


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