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Hashrocket is a responsive web development company with locations in Jacksonville, Chicago, Columbus, and San Francisco. The company features an extensive team of experienced professionals with vast knowledge in web and mobile technologies. As a result, when clients are unsure of what approach to take on an upcoming project, Hashrocket can identify the tools and technologies necessary to achieve success. Hashrocket’s development process is tailored for each client and promotions collaboration with the company’s stakeholders while also maintaining complete transparency on every project.   When it comes to developing a successful project, many businesses want to ensure that they have chosen the best development company. Hashrocket specializes in top-tier design and development using technologies such as iOS, Android, Ruby on Rails, Node, Ember.js, React, Backbone, Go, PostgreSQUL, Clojure, and many other options. Clients that already have their own developers can also work together with Hashrocket’s developers to gain more insight into how to develop the best solution for their project, whether the client requests one-on-one sessions for each developer or a small team training session at an office location. Hashrocket can provide the training and knowledge necessary to ensure that a project will take off successfully, even if it has been previously limited by challenges.
Key Clients
Hashrocket has worked with clients including Adecco, Aetna, Vanderbilt University, Ericsson, Blinq Media, ATP Flight School, Bright Cover, Paddy Power, PharmMD, CityCliq, Barnes & Noble, Lens Rentals, Alabama Travel and many more. When working with Lens Rentals, Hashrocket was responsible for creating an edgy redesign that would provide additional capabilities and meet new business needs such as a faceted custom search, step-by-step check process, and a rental scheduling tool.