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Followbright is a website design and development services firm based in Denver. The company takes a noticeably different approach to its services, offering design and development to its clientele but not primarily focusing on these areas. Much of the projects that Followbright works on does not involve redesigns or building new sites due to the company’s choice to provide a variety of other improvements and online marketing campaigns to push clients brands toward success instead. As a whole, Followbright aims to find the fastest and most direct way that will help its clients to achieve success, which may not always involve a new website or redesigning the existing site. Followbright features a certified web developer team that is experienced and knowledgeable about all aspects of design and beyond. The company promises fast results, minimal risk, comfortable interactions and partnerships, and dedication to each client’s project so that the client can focus on other core aspects of the business. While Followbright does offer a range of services, the company is fairly selective and does not work with every client that may be interested. In order for Followbright to commit to working on a client’s request, all team members of the company must agree and see potential in accepting the project.
Key Clients
Followbright has worked with clients such as Budget4Cast, Source Integral, Early Childhood Council, Associated Hair Professionals, First American, Time to Hire, Antero CRM, Copper Colorado Condos, The Dam Brewery, ABMP, Chase Development, and Innova Emergency Medical. Followbright’s extensive portfolio showcases a wide variety of the work it has completed on client projects, although it does not directly express what type of services were requested. Undeniably, in many cases, Followbright was responsible for handling design and development directly, in addition to marketing and other small improvements to achieve client success.