Flag Day Consulting

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Located in Newyork City, Flag Day Consulting is a company that offers social network solutions, online video content and Search Engine Optimization features. The company’s main objective is to offer SEO definition to start up businesses. The company has simplified its model of business to three main objectives; to offer website development, create online content for the businesses, and grow the online presence of the said clients. The Company has established its name as one of the top five SEO agency companies in the United States. Their business model is driven towards ensuring that small businesses are catered to in all online media platforms.   For their clients satisfaction they offer online marketing and SEO starter packs at no cost. They then ensure that the client is equipped with great online content in terms of video and photography footage. To increase the optimization of the client, they ensure that they do specific and targeted marketing. This way, the numbers of clicks the clients get on their website are worthwhile. To top it all, they ensure that their clients’ videos are spread virally across the country to increase their search engine optimization.
Key Clients
Flag Day Consulting has been honored to work with some of the leading service providers in the New York area. They have previously worked with Ford and iCare. In the case of icare, the company was contracted to create and spread the video of the launch of the company. Their partners who include Google, YouTube, vimeo and web MD, ensured that the company was able to reach the right target audience. With their vast experience in the creation of media content and viral video spreading, the company was able to fast track their growth.