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Fatbit is a certified web developer that has a base both in India and the USA. The company attribute their success in the field to their development methodology coupled with a professional approach to all projects. With their 12 years of industry experience, the team have managed to refine their processes to come up with solutions that are the most cost and time effective, while also being of the highest quality. An agile methodology is used with all projects which is not only time effective, but also allows for constant feedback and collaboration during the web page development. The company was established in 2004, and since then have completed over 2000 successful projects, a number that just keeps on growing. There are a number of benefits for clients by working with Fatbit, including expertise in custom design and development, transparency at every stage of the project, results that meet the deadlines set, a team of over 80 experts in the industry as well as 12 months of technical support. Fatbit offer a dedicated and skilled workforce which allows for smooth and regular communication and access to global experts.


01. Web Design Services 
02. Web Development 
03. E-marketing Services 
04. Conversion Optimisation